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Fairies In A Jar: Easy Gift Idea

My daughter is always drawn to the beautifully packaged craft kits when we walk through a store like Michael's or Joann Fabrics. I am too, but not so much the price: $15 - $20 for maybe $5 worth of supplies and a nice instruction sheet? I can do better!
Remembering the fun we had with our Flower Fairies last month, I suggested we make a fairy kit for one of our little friends who is having a birthday, and as I was about to get a plain ol' zip-top bag to package the supplies, I happened across a Mason jar instead. Voila: fairies in a jar!

Here's what we packed inside:
* One "silk" flower (from a Dollar Tree bush), separated into petals and leaves
* Four green pipe cleaners
* Two wooden beads for heads
* Hand-full of pretty plastic beads
* Two 4-inch hanks of embroidery floss

I hung a tag with a link to the instructions on ribbons around the neck of the jar, and that was it.
Quick, easy, pretty, and best of all, cheap! *

Here's my tag image if you want to print…

Kids' Photo Prayer Book

Kids Photo Prayer Book Project (and a Freebie!) 
I've always wanted our bedtime prayers to be more than a simple rote recitation.  In addition to thanksgiving, personal requests, and repentance, I want my kids to grow up praying for the important people in their lives. But there are a LOT of them! First, there are something like 10 cousins on my husband's side, most of whom they have never met as we live on opposite coasts. Add an extra set of grandparents / step-grandparents on that side, four total great grandparents, and the three cousins on my side and the list is getting pretty long. Plus, I'd really like to have them pray for our missionaries, our sponsored children, and our own friends from church and preschool co-op.
Do this all by memory, with squirrely children who are frankly less than interested, was becoming unworkable.
Enter my upgrade to the Toddler Family Flash Cards project.
In a nutshell, I labeled and printed photos of our family members at 3x2 inches…