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Quick n' Dirty Stitched Saying

Some time back I was working on decorating my bathroom wall. After hanging my Mom's cross-stitch, my kids' Perler creations, and a couple other bits and pieces, I felt like it needed something more. I remembered an amusing little saying I'd seen in a friend's bath: "Wash your hands and say your prayers, 'cause Jesus and germs are everywhere!" This seemed perfect for the space.
Since my grouping has several stitched pieces, I started by looking for (free) cross-stitch patterns with the saying. What I found wasn't free, and most had additional pictures or motifs that didn't fit my grouping. I briefly investigated online cross-stitch pattern makers, but the project was getting bigger and bigger as I planned and played. What I wanted was something more than simple print art, but achievable in just an hour or two of crafting. So I compromised with this easy hybrid print and stitch project.
It may not be terribly obvious from a small photo, but the wor…

Quit Comparing Already!

Just now I was reading an acquaintance's FB post about how she was prepping lessons since her kids were starting (home)school tomorrow. My self talk went something like this "Oh no, I'm really not ready to start yet! But that's OK, 'cause it's not Labor Day yet. I wasn't really planning to get going in earnest until after Family Camp and Labor Day anyway. I wonder if I should anyway... I'm not very good at this. It makes me cringe to think about doing formal lesson plans. I hate cutting stuff out and laminating it and everything and... Arrgh!"
Thankfully, as I was starting to spiral into this garbage, I had to do a serious face-palm: we never actually Stopped school this summer! We did very little school during March and April while my husband was on sabbatical, so there was no formal break this summer. Sure, things got in the way, but mostly - at least three or four days a week - we sat down for Bible reading, and at least a couple of days a week…

DIY Flower Fairies

My oldest daughter (5) noticed a couple of flower fairies hiding in a silk flower arrangement a while back. Rather than let her play with mine, I gathered the materials to make some of her own. This is one of my absolute favorite kind of crafts, because the end product doesn't simply look pretty: it can be played with!
My second favorite thing about this craft is how adaptable it is. There are a few basic materials you'll need, but after that you can improvise with whatever you find in your craft stash.
Oh, and my third favorite thing? No glue! (Or even sewing!)
Here's what we did

Materials RequiredPipe cleaner or fabric wrapped floral wire (the former is Much easier for little hands. If you have to buy it, look for the extra skinny rather than the fuzzy variety. You don't need the bulk.) Wooden beads for heads, about 1/4 to 1/3 inch in diameter. Silk flower bush (we got ours from the Dollar Tree and it had enough blossoms for 5-6 fairies)  OptionalEmbroidery floss or…