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Messy Science: Erupting Foam

Recently all three of my kids have become fans of the Amazon Prime show "Annedroids," which follows roughly 12 year old Anne, two friends, and a trio of adorable androids as they use science to solve a variety of problems. My own credulity is stretched to the breaking point as I try to pretend it is possible to for a pre-teen to create self-directed, learning, and emotional robots out of parts found at a junk yard, but the kids love it and it seems harmless enough.
Anyway, in one of the early episodes Anne and her androids created what she simply termed a "chemical reaction" from common household ingredients: hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and yeast. The results, which were probably just a wee bit exaggerated for TV, were spectacular, with pink foam exploding all over poor Shania, not once but twice in the course of the episode.
Needless to say, my kids have been clamoring to try it ever since.

Here's what we did

Gather materials * Hydrogen Peroxide (the 3% sol…

Eleventh Hour Mini Unit

We needed a break from "normal school" at the end of this week. We've been doing a lot of worksheets lately, and my 1st grader is Not Impressed. So when I announced that we'd spend school time today trying to solve the mystery of "The Eleventh Hour," he was thrilled.

We picked "The Eleventh Hour" by Graeme Base up at the library last week when I happened across it and recognized the author's name and style from "Anamalia," a book I loved so much that I bought a copy for us after giving away one to my niece!
If you've never explored a Graeme Base book, you are definitely in for a treat! The rich, intricately detailed, and humorous illustrations make them a real joy for any age.
"The Eleventh Hour" has an added bonus: an old fashioned "whodunnit" (non-violent, thankfully!) occurs inside the book's pages which you, the reader, are asked to solve. Unlike Agatha Christie, however, where Poirot always manages to…