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Jambalaya in your Instant Pot

I've owned my Instant Pot electric pressure cooker for just under a week now, and so far it is (nearly) everything I hoped for. Beans - including "soaking" - in about an hour. Rice in 20 minutes. Chicken from frozen in about 20. Oatmeal for breakfast in 15. Pretty exciting stuff!

I decided to give Jambalaya a try tonight. I've already made rice in the cooker several times and was comfortable with the timing and water ratio, so I was confident enough to attempt an adaptation of my  favorite One Pot Jambalaya recipe.

This is a fantastic recipe I've made more-or-less as written several times in the last few months. It is Super flavorful and somehow creamy tasting - even before you garnish with sour cream. But it does take a Long Time to cook - even longer than it says. I've had trouble with crunchy rice about 1/2 of the times I've made it, probably because I've done it for a crowd on Sunday nights and tried to cram too much into a single pot. No matter …