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Flower Coloring Pages

Just a quick post here to offer a couple of coloring pages for anyone who would like them. Nothing fancy, but free!

I drew these at 4x6 inches, but you can print them at up to 8x11 without a problem.
I also cropped a set to 8 x 11 inches so they will fit on your page without an annoying border - just note that you do lose a little around the left and right margins.
The 4x6 versions and one of the 8x11s have a space left intentionally blank for you to write your own verse.  (Or type it: I suggest Picasa if you don't have a fancy editor!) The last 8x11 has Psalm 100:1-2 already in there for you.

Have fun!


PS: I photographed rather than scanned the color pic, so I don't know that I'd try to print - it - it's crooked!