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Diva Challenge 248: The Gift of Zentangle

I was quite pleased when I saw the topic of this week's challenge, because I've been making tangled gifts right and left since October!
First off, I am giving many of the women on my list tangled magnets, made according to a tutorial I shared here.
Here is a small sampling of a few waiting to be wrapped.

Next, I am packaging most of these in folded boxes like this one
And, once again, I have basic instructions - including a link to a nice tutorial - right here.  Most of the people who read this blog are tanglers and won't be interested in coloring my designs, but I did include downloadable templates with and without the tree, in color and black and white. 
Finally, I made a birthday card for a dear friend from this tile
Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph the finished product, which was really pretty cool. I cut around the edges of the design, matted on black paper - also clipped to the spiky shape - and mounted it on a silver foil textured card.  The tangle here, by the…

Quick n' Easy Triangle Box with Template

A fellow member of the "Tangled Gems" Facebook group posted a photo of a beautifully decorated folded box. She was kind enough to point me to this tutorial for folding the boxes. (The site is German but the blogger provided a translation.)
I have been making dozens of tangled magnets for Christmas (tutorial here) and needed a way to package them for gift giving, so I immediately began working on a plan to mass produce this box.

Long story short: Here is a template!

To use, click the image to enlarge, then right-click to download it.  Print it at 100% on your printer - make whatever settings adjustments necessary for your specific equipment to ensure that it fills the whole paper. I recommend a heavier cardstock, although even standard paper works pretty well - and it's a Lot easier to fold!   You make two boxes to the sheet.  Definitely refer to the folding tutorial linked above, but the basics are this:  1) Cut along all of the vertical gray lines, but NOT the horizont…


I just want to take a moment to acknowledge a miracle - one that almost went unnoticed. We had a good day today. On a Monday filled with pouring rain, after a series of late nights over the weekend, on a day when the task list included laundry, room cleaning, and a trip to Costco with three kids and only one adult. 
A pumpkin spice latte is clearly justified after a $90 grocery shopping trip!
Oh, and a drive through flooded streets and parking lots to get to a soccer practice. Note to self: Do not drive through that kind of water again!
(The "lake" is ankle deep by the semi!
A friend who works for the city assures me that what appear to be drains placed up high and dry are actually just access to the vault for cleaning crews. He said the system was entirely overloaded.)
All of this should have - usually does - lead to melt downs among the children and a terrible attitude and loss of temper from me. But today, it didn't. Oh, there were a couple of close calls during some nece…

Diva Challenge: Mono-tangled tree

I had an interesting "bucket list" experience this week: I was called up for jury duty! It seems very odd that I've some 20 years past my initial eligibility without ever being called up, and in fact I got the summons a couple of times in the past, but with one thing and another I didn't end up having to report. This was therefore my first chance.
Overall it was a positive experience. I was anxious getting there because I'm not too familiar with the neighborhood of the courthouse, but that all got worked out in plenty of time. Given how many potential jurors showed up (well over 100) I was surprised to get called into a potential group of 30, and even more surprised to get into the "final 12" - yes, I actually got to serve on a criminal case! Thankfully for my family's sake it was all over in that one day and I was home by 6:45, but it really was a fascinating thing to do. A little scary to have that sort of power over another human being, but kinda…