Diva Challenge: Gourdgeous

This week's Diva Challenge is to use the new official tangle "Gourdgeous."
I really enjoy tangles like this one, although I can see that, for me anyway, the challenge will be using it in combo with other tangles rather than more or less by itself.
I went pretty basic with my first try here, except for breaking out my fun sparkly orange gel pen along with a brown 05 Micron.
I've posted unshaded and shaded versions. I Think the shading (with a brown colored pencil) is an improvement. :)


PS: Check out my step-out for my Betweed tangleation that I first "discovered" on the Autumn challenge a couple of weeks ago! 


Simone said…
Very nice tile withe great shading! I love the simple composition!
Really like it with the shading! Great tile!
Devin Ryder said…
I like both versions and would not be able to choose between them. (I also checked out your Betweed-Flower and really like that as well--will have to give it a try)
the dudz said…
This is beautiful. I love how you've used the open space and created light and airy and fun.
Lovely, I too like it shaded. I like the way sort of two gourds.made a whole.
Very beautiful and it's always nice to see it before and after shading!

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