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Diva Challenge: Hollibaugh (Plus a bonus tutorial!)

This week's challenge is simply to use hollibaugh, one of first tangles most of us learn.
I admit that I rarely use hollibaugh as such, although I do plenty of over-under tangling: I've always seen it as more of a technique than a tangle in and of itself - although all your artwork this week will most certainly show me short sighted!
Anyway, I started out with three quick and reasonably traditional treatments.
These are very small: 1 inch in diameter!  The background is watercolor pencil, with micron pen and graphite shading. The paper is Canson multi-media (unless I got lazy and cut some circles out of something cheaper, which is always a possibility!)  While I like the flower on the bottom, I definitely have a soft spot for the top one too, which is tangled in multiple senses of the word. :)  These little guys have a higher purpose, too: I have been making them by the dozen to turn into magnets which I'll be giving to friends and family at Christmas.  Here they are with …

Diva Challenge: Just a Tiny Taste

This week's challenge was to leave most of our tile blank. Not really my usual style unless I am specifically planning a journal page or frame, but a couple of ideas popped into my head right off.

I've drawn Croscro as an wrought iron fence before and liked it, but that particular drawing was full of technical errors (I know, no mistakes in Zentangle, right? Not really!) and I wanted to try again.

It's still a little wobbly, but closer to what I had in mind! (I could wish I'd been more careful when I set it down on my kitchen counter, though! Arrgh!) 
I spent some time with the kids at the amazingly cool children's floor of the Vancouver (Washington) Library this afternoon, and the multi-hued and richly textured decor gave me quite a lot of inspiration. For instance the raindrop mobile caught my eye, and this not-quite-Bijou sized tile was the result. (I'm not going to say how many times I started over due to messing up the umbrella though. Let's just say i…

Plastic Canvas Pen-case: A Practical First Sewing Project for Kids

At least a year ago, my then five-year-old wanted me to teach him to sew. This seemed rather daunting to me at the time, but I did a little poking about online and came up with ideas like this one for a toddler friendly sewing basket centered around waffle-print rug or shelf liner. No-one got very excited about sewing a boring old straight line with no practical application, though, and eventually I came up with an easy lacing activity on a cardboard box. Then the few supplies I'd put together gathered dust for a year.

This week James (now 6) started asking about sewing again and I began thinking through ways to make something practical but with fewer complications - not to mention pointy needles - than traditional sewing on a piece of fabric. I quickly settled on plastic canvas as the medium. The advantages?

It's stiff and won't fold in on itselfThe holes are pre-made and evenly spacedYou can use blunt needles and heavy thread or yarn
In other words, it's perfect for …

Diva Challenge: Gourdgeous

This week's Diva Challenge is to use the new official tangle "Gourdgeous."
I really enjoy tangles like this one, although I can see that, for me anyway, the challenge will be using it in combo with other tangles rather than more or less by itself.
I went pretty basic with my first try here, except for breaking out my fun sparkly orange gel pen along with a brown 05 Micron.
I've posted unshaded and shaded versions. I Think the shading (with a brown colored pencil) is an improvement. :)


PS: Check out my step-out for my Betweed tangleation that I first "discovered" on the Autumn challenge a couple of weeks ago!