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Diva Challenge 236: Tangle something unexpected

This week's Diva challenge is to tangle on something unexpected.

(UPDATE: Several of you mentioned that my images were not appearing when I initially posted this. Whoops! This was a permissions problem: I had skipped the step of moving the photos I wanted to use from my default backup location on Google Photos into my Craft Blog album. Google Photos users may want to take note! All fixed now, though!)

As it happens, I've Been tangling on weird things off and on over the past few weeks.
First, though, what we chose for today: leaves! Seems appropriate for the first day of Fall!

Choke Cherry Leaves tangled using Three Tree by

Giant Magnolia leaf tangled with Skep

Giant Magnolia tangled with Awrop from
Those were a lot of fun, but pretty transitory - I think the magnolia leaves will last a while, but the little yellow guys were looking bad within half an hour. Of course, my kids fighting over them didn't help... 
Anyway, I've als…

Quick n' Dirty Mancala Board

My husband, 6 year old and I (re)learned to play Mancala over the Labor Day weekend from my Mom. We enjoyed the game quite a bit, but were frustrated because the cups in my Mom's game board were too small to accommodate the number of stones that they frequently ended up holding. At best, you couldn't easily count how many stones were in the cup; at worst they spilled out and into the next cup. James and I bought a set of our own at a consignment sale this weekend, but we weren't able to examine it first. Sure enough, it had the same problem as my Mom's - but worse! So we were looking for a way to make our own.
An egg carton is the obvious solution, but I don't have one on hand.
We came up with two quick n' dirty solutions. The first, since it is still nice outside, was to simply draw a board on the porch with sidewalk chalk. James made this one for us.

This worked pretty well, expect that my poor back and feet don't care for the squatting. Ugh. I will sugge…


Every once in awhile I worry myself. You see, in the last couple of weeks, the most creative thing I've done is repair a hole in a pair of leggings. My current "craftlessness" has actually been growing over the past few weeks or months.  In the last 6-10 weeks I went through a brief spate of friendship bracelet macrame (for instance, this pattern) and an even briefer spate of kumihimo braiding, neither of which I expected to stick around for long, but since Labor Day I haven't even picked up the braiding disk.

(I guess I did tangle a bunch of rocks right after Family Camp!)
I am, admittedly, a serial crafter. I flit from project to project and from medium to medium with all the commitment of a middle schooler's crush. (OK, maybe not that bad, but what a great word picture!) But the constant is that there's always Something I'm working on. The problem is Zentangle edged out electronic scrapbooking about 18 months ago now, only to fizzle itself perhaps a yea…

My Important Job

The other night I caught my eldest on the way out of his room well after bedtime. Of course he was "going to the bathroom," but as I was drawing breath to reprimand him for still being awake at such an hour, he told me he was also feeling "kinda sad."
"Sad about what?" I asked with some trepidation. It had been a rough evening, behavior-wise, and I fully expected a complaint about having been sent to bed while our game-night guests were still here. Instead, in a quavering voice he admitted he was, "Sad because you had to quit your job."

I did a quick double-take. It had been a week or more ago, but I did indeed recall having talked about having quit my job when he was about to be born, just over six years ago. I don't even remember why it had come up, but in typical James fashion he'd asked lots of questions about the job, why I'd quit, how one goes about quitting, whether I'd liked it, and etc. As I had liked it quite a lot, I a…

Go Fly a Kite: Finding the Balance in My Quick n' Dirty Philosophy

Several weeks ago I saw this great idea for a DIY Kite in the Good Housekeeping magazine. All it calls for is contact paper, tissue paper, drinking straws, and string. It seemed dead simple, and with my eldest in a mildly obsessive kite-flying stage, a no-brainer for a summer activity. Unfortunately, I couldn't find my contact paper. Anywhere. Eventually I decided to get a new roll, but was irritated because it was nearly $10 at the craft store. Weeks later I discovered not one but Two brand new rolls in my supplies - I obviously bought one, immediately forgot about it, and then bought another.  Needless to say, I then found my old roll. (On top of my refrigerator, underneath the cabinet. Of course! Doesn't everyone keep their contact paper up there?!)

So I was already predisposed to be irritated when I Finally dragged out the supplies for the project yesterday morning. Of Course, it was a lot harder then it looked. The paper always wanted to roll up. Managing the sticky side …