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Quick and Dirty DIY Board Game: An Update

About a year and a half ago, I shared my idea for a DIY customizable game board made from butcher paper and clear contact paper.
Well, that board, or rather roll, has been kicking around the game closet for a long time and is rather the worse for wear. We've used it any number of times, but it's always a challenge to get it to lay flat on the table.
A few weeks ago I saw some teens in a cafeteria break out an obviously home made game, and I realized they'd simply taken a commercial game board and covered it with white paper. Brilliant!
I've had my eyes open for a cheap game to buy for this purpose ever since, but when the most recent garage sale netted me a copy of Sequence for Kids, it turned out that we love playing it!
I then realized that there's no need to sacrifice the commercial game: the back side of the board can be used without harming the front.
Here's how I made my reusable board, and the first game we played on it.

Materials:  1. Commercial game o…

9 Things I will Never Repost on Facebook

I'm going to indulge myself today with a little rant. A Facebook rant.
I Love Facebook. I spend far too much time keeping up with what my friends are doing and posting adorable pictures of my children. But I almost Never repost anything. Every once in a while I'll share a link to an article or a joke that I think might be edifying or amusing to my friends, but that's about it. Why? Because most of the re-posts Make Me Crazy.

Specifically, here are several categories of things I will never re-post - or usually even respond to.

1. Anything that begins "Nobody ever reads my timeline, but..." 
Similarly, nothing that begins with "most people won't repost this, but..."
Why? They're manipulative, pure and simple. They're trying to guilt me into doing something not because I want to, or because it is meaningful or true, but because I feel guilty. I hate that.

2. Anything - even anything that I agree with - asking me to comment with an "Amen"…