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Diva Challenge 222: Multi-color

It's been several weeks since I did a Diva challenge. But the kids and I were playing with my watercolor pencils some time back and I decorated a handful of blank bar coasters. I've been waiting for inspiration to strike ever since, and this morning when the kids were decorating lunch-sack puppets, it did. Both are mono-tangled with Maisie, which I stumbled across on On the blue tile I added some Aquafleur-like petals. I tried to shade with my pencil, but really didn't have much luck since the background was so dark. I added the silver paint pen and a little cross-hatching to my original try and liked the result a bit better. 
While working on my first tile I realized that Maisie also reminded me of a fire, so I went with that theme for the second tile. When I was done I found the whole thing reminded me of the tongues of living fire that came down on the disciples in Acts 2, so I'm entitling it "Pentecost."  
Finally, I have to b…

Super Simple (Felt) Supper

Time for another in my series of Quick n' Dirty toy ideas!

Head on over to Pinterest and search for "Felt Food." Here, I'll do it for you. Isn't it Adorable? I love the donuts with sprinkles. And the sandwich fixings. And the eggs and bacon. And the full on Chinese takeout meal! It looks so real!

And... time consuming. I'd have to get out my needle and thread, good scissors, and embroidery stuff, figure out how to print the patterns, and spend hours cutting and sewing (by hand, since my sewing machines - yes, plural! - are broken.) With my two year old in full on "I Hate Bedtime" mode, I couldn't expect to start such a project until 9 pm. And the sad fact is, I've realized that by that time of night I have no energy left for crafting. None. And if I did, I'd probably be sacrificing my exercise time, which I'm slowly realizing as I approach 39 is really quite critical.

But here was my realization the other day: the Kids Won't Care…