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2 Simple Math Games

My son is hugely curious and competitive, but he also often needs to "tricked" into learning - in other words, math drills, flash cards, and worksheets are Not going to fly. That's why I love these two games. He asks for Math Dice nearly every day, and I'm usually willing to comply as I see his skills improving markedly - all without complaint or resistance!
My four-and-a-half year old daughter is only just now occasionally interested in Math Dice and needs a lot of help to play, but was willing and able to play the Yahtzee Jr variant described below. 
Once again, neither game is original, but we've added enough twists that it seems worth documenting. I saw the idea for "Kindergarten Yahtzee" on Pinterest (where else?!) We took it a bit farther and ended up with a single activity that combined writing, counting, and even probability.
Yahtzee (Very) JuniorMaterials
1 sheet of paper per player2 diceA handful of buttons or other markers - at least 12 per pl…

Hot Wheels Shuffleboard

My son wanted to play a game with his Hot Wheels cars this morning, and here's what we came up with. All three kids, even the two-year-old, had fun, although the youngest just wanted to roll the cars around!
Best of all, setup was simple and fast, allowing me to happily class this as a "Quick and Dirty Toy."
(Disclaimer: While I don't specifically remember seeing it, I am SURE someone has documented a similar game in the past. No claim of originality, just fun!)

Long stretch of smooth floor6 Matchbox size cars (Test them to make sure they all run reasonably far and straight.) Tape (Blue painter's tape would be ideal. I didn't have any, but I found a couple rolls of low-tack paper "Washi" tape I was willing to risk on my floor.) 

Setup: Mark a starting line with tape. About one half of the distance to the end of your course, mark the 1 point line. Mark the 2 and 3 point lines about 1/3 of the remaining distance between the 1 point line an…