I've taken a break from Zentangle of late. As a life-long serial crafter, I've learned not to panic when the mood for one art form leaves me for a while: I'm sure it'll be back - maybe in a different form, with a little different flavor, but it will re-appear!
Sure enough, when flipping through the March '15 issue of Good Housekeeping, I noticed a dress with a fascinating pattern on it. "Looks like a tangle," I thought to myself. And sure enough, it was. The step-out is quite simple, and I'm pleased to share it here. As you can see, there are lots of directions you can go with the central "arrow" shape, although I still personally favor the simple hatching I tried first.
Trying to honor the spirit of tangle naming, I've chosen something nice and obscure for this pattern, although I am sure a couple of minutes with Google will reveal my thought process. :)

And here's a finished tile incorporating Skep along with Shattuck and Hairy, both personal favorites - and both, I now note, by Sandy Steen Bartholomew.

While I've tried to work up a few other step-outs in the past, I believe this is the first one I've published: the others are still not quite right. Who knows? The muse may strike again and I'll finish one or two.


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