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Accidentally Schooling

I am writing this post for myself, folks. And yes, it's quite similar to another one I've written. But I need the reminder, and maybe so do you!
My 5 3/4 year old son is not yet reading, is in fact fairly resistant to reading-prep activities, and is in my considered opinion not ready to read. I know this. I mentally believe "better late than early," and love the freedom to Not be freaked out about the fact that he cannot yet sound out "c-a-t." And yet emotionally, instinctively, I have this "school = reading" equation going on in my head that has been a real buzz killer as far as this homeschooling thing goes. That, combined with the fact that I am neither creating lesson plans nor setting aside a consistent time and place for school each day continues to drive me to offer the disclaimer "but we haven't really started yet" whenever I tell some new person that we are homeschooling.
And yet, I think we really have. I've no plans to…

The Downs and Ups of a new Soccer Mom

With heart in mouth, I signed my little boy up for an indoor soccer class last week. It seemed like a great idea - for him! As a classic oldest child, he's been having some significant struggles at our unprogrammed gym time at our Homeschool co-op. Everyone is, in his opinion, "mean to me!" Mommy, however, is pretty sure that what he really means is "Everyone isn't playing the game that I want exactly the way I want to play it!" Of course, at 5 1/2, it would be nothing short of miraculous if he could actually understand, let along act on, that advice from his loving mother.  Suddenly I am in such sympathy for my father who told me literally for Years to ignore the kids who were teasing me at school - only to have me figure it out like it was a brand new idea when I started 9th (!) grade.
Anyway, I figured a structured class / game might give him the help he needs in interacting with his peers, not to mention some good physical activity and training. The cla…

Why it's hard to let kids (and husbands) help

As I peruse the blogosphere I every once in a while come across articles encouraging me to get the kids involved in chores from a very early age. "Stop doing those things for them," they shout. "Kids have got to learn to work!" And like the downtrodden, Pinterest-abused Mommy I am, I bow my head in shame once again as I remember all the clothes I've folded, toys I've picked up, floors I've swept, and dishes I've dealt with and think "OK, I've got to do better!"
But then... there's real life!
Tonight I am getting my 20-month-old ready for bed and notice that, as per usual, the store of diapers in our room has been depleted. I'm trying not to wake the sleepy toddler any more than necessary, and my five year old son is on his way up the stairs. I stop him and say "Quick, go grab me some diapers." Happy to help, he heads down to the bathroom at the opposite end of the house and... nothing. I've got the baby entirely u…