Diva Challenge 188 - Sort Of

This weekend we were privileged to attend the wedding of two friends we've known for nearly a decade. While it was a traditional wedding in the primary sense, in many others it was wonderfully unusual: the bride wore paisley, the groom wore a huge gold chain, and the guests were encouraged to wear their favorite 70's garb! The pastor wore jeans and sandals with his suit coat, and the couple mixed two colors of M&Ms instead of sand or pebbles. Finally, the bride and groom themselves have been dating the Entire Time we've known them - which is some serious patience And stamina I must say! After watching them begin or renew relationships with Christ, work through many issues, and support one another through health problems, serious injuries, and disabling allergies, we were so very pleased to see them tie the knot at last!

While I applaud the compassion underlying the current Diva challenge, I cannot support or applaud the LBGT movement itself either morally or politically. But rather than skip this week all together I thought I would post the piece I drew as a celebration (and encouragement) of the love between my two friends.

The inscription is a exhortation from the book of 1st John: "Beloved, let us love one another."
I drew it on a blank bar coaster, which arrived just in time for the project. I used Microns for the black and a Stabilo for the red. White highlights are from a Gelly Roll pen and the gold rings are from a Sharpie paint pen. I glued on a loop of black cord so it can be hung on the wall and included it in their wedding gift.  I'm thinking I should have sealed it in some way, but I was afraid to since the red ink is not waterproof. Hopefully someday soon I'll acquire some colors I really like in a good waterproof ink!


A lovely tribute to your friends.
Ilse said…
Elegant tile!
J L Johnson said…
I'm glad your decided to post your tile and like your explanation of what it represents. The tile is very pretty.
LonettA said…
Very lovely and elegant tile!
A nice tribute to your two friends.
Omer said…
I love the composition and flow.
Interestingly enough, when I drew my tile I chose the same symbol of "two rings" as a representation of a union.

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