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Diva Challenge #191: Betweed (And a couple of random ZIAs!)

Just a quick post with this week's Diva entry: Betweed as a monotangle
It's been a rough week around here: my mother in law's visit from across the country managed to coincide exactly with my 3-year-old's sudden fever, headache and respiratory illness that had us into the doctor twice. By the time my MIL was ready to leave, it had also spread to my 18 month old. My 5 year old is also hacking (although thankfully not nearly so sick as the other two got!) and even I am feeling some postnasal drip and congestion.  Thankfully the girls are both much better now, and neither my husband or MIL seem to have caught it!

In any case, I didn't have much opportunity to tangle until last night. I've always liked Betweed, and it crops up fairly regularly in my unplanned tangles. It was a bit of a challenge to use it as a monotangle, however - which, come to think of it, is kind of the point!
To keep it interesting, I used sharp, square edges in the central shape and round, or…

Last Minute Parrot Costume

James (5) was talking about his Halloween costume Months ago. Thankfully for his mommy, he'd decided to be a pirate by sometime in September. Grace (nearly 4) agreed to be a Pirate Princess, and I decided that a Parrot would be a perfect coordinating costume for Lucy (18 months.) The costume turned out to be doubly appropriate as in the last few weeks Lucy has entered wholeheartedly into the parrot phase of language development: she will attempt to say almost anything you ask, with frequently hilarious results!
(Of course, in the mean time Grace has reneged: she wants to be a straight up princess. Oh well!)

Lucy's parrot costume turned out to be nice and easy. I didn't take photos during construction, but if you have just a wee bit of crafting confidence, you can probably figure it out from the photos of the completed costume. I probably spent under three hours on it, mostly working on front of the TV and sewing by hand since my machine is broken.

Materials * Polar Fleece …

Diva Challenge #190

This week's challenge from The Diva is to use pink on our tiles in honor of breast cancer victims, either specific or in general. There probably aren't many who's lives have not been touched by this disease: while I have very thankfully not lost a relative, my cousins lost an aunt about five years ago. My own grandmother was a survivor until her death from heart disease 10 or 15 years later. It's a nasty one.
That said, I consciously abstained from making my tile entirely pink or incorporating the ribbon shape that's become practically eponymous with the disease. Perhaps it's because I really haven't been up close and personal with cancer of any sort, or maybe it's because I had at the back of my head sort of sensed some of the frustrations with "pinkwashing" I later saw eloquently put to words here. Or, maybe it's just 'cause I'm not all that fond of pink! :-D
Anyway, here it is. A bed of Lanie - which I used a couple of weeks ag…

Toddler-proof your Fridge's Water Dispenser

As frequent readers already know (all four of them!), we have a real spitfire of an 18-month-old on our hands just now. She has incredibly strong opinions about everything from food to footwear, Loves to mimic her parents and older siblings, and is absolutely impervious to any amount of shouted "No's", scolding, or any other means of getting her attention when she's decided on a course of action. (I know, shouting never works. Sorry. I seem to keep doing it anyway!)

The last month or three she's decided that she wants nothing to do with sippy cups. No, she wants her water in an open cup. To her credit, she often spills only a little when she's paying attention, but the problem is when she's done. Not willing to let the fun end, she proceeds to dump the remaining water on the nearest surface, then play in the mess.
Even more recently, she's discovered that she can, with the proper vessel, reach and activate the water dispenser in the refrigerator door…

Diva Challenge #189: Yuma

I was immediately drawn to Yuma when I saw it on a few weeks back, but I had a surprisingly difficult time grocking how to use the seeds, where the "rays" should start and end, etc. On this attempt, I decided to simply let it go (sorry, fellow over-Frozen parents!)  I am not sure that it looks exactly like the step-out - actually, I know it doesn't  - but it felt like it was flowing pretty well while I was doing it, and I am reasonably pleased with the result.  I actually started with LG and then added a single iteration of A1 (it's the spiral-y thing center right - sorry, no link*) and finally added the Yuma, using the first  variation growing out of the LG aura lines. Oh, and of course some Fescu cropped up on top! 
Things I like:  I left a border, which I usually forget to doI didn't fill every single square centimeter within the border - again, something I have trouble doingThe basic homogeneity of the patterns which allows them to flow tog…

Yeah, We Homeschool!

Today, we did a science unit exploring the concepts of evaporation and the multiple states of water, a math unit and subtraction drill, and a Bible unit - all before we left the breakfast table.
Sounds pretty pretentious, doesn't it?

Here's what actually happened:
I was processing the chicken stock I made overnight in the crockpot. As I divided it into containers I observed that I had only 6 cups of the stuff, although I'd started out with 10 cups of water yesterday evening.

I asked James (5) "so, how many cups are missing, and where did they go?" His off the cuff answer to the first question was wrong, so I pulled out 10 grapes which he lined up in front of him. He ate them one at a time until there were 6 left, and got the correct answer of 4. Next, we discussed where the missing water had gone, and after a bit of prompting he figured out it had turned into steam.

Meanwhile, Grace (not quite 4) thought she needed to get in on the counting. I handed her 10 Cheer…

Diva Challenge 188 - Sort Of

This weekend we were privileged to attend the wedding of two friends we've known for nearly a decade. While it was a traditional wedding in the primary sense, in many others it was wonderfully unusual: the bride wore paisley, the groom wore a huge gold chain, and the guests were encouraged to wear their favorite 70's garb! The pastor wore jeans and sandals with his suit coat, and the couple mixed two colors of M&Ms instead of sand or pebbles. Finally, the bride and groom themselves have been dating the Entire Time we've known them - which is some serious patience And stamina I must say! After watching them begin or renew relationships with Christ, work through many issues, and support one another through health problems, serious injuries, and disabling allergies, we were so very pleased to see them tie the knot at last!

While I applaud the compassion underlying the current Diva challenge, I cannot support or applaud the LBGT movement itself either morally or politicall…

Diva Challenge 187: Blind String

This one was kinda fun. No pouring over the string section at looking for something that inspired me. No brainstorming well balanced, visually pleasing strings on my own. Just draw the borders, pick up a pencil, close my eyes and draw!
This is what came out:
I kinda like it, actually!
And building on the "no planning" vibe this week, I just went through my most recent pattern pins on Pinterest and chose a few from the top. I ended up with Star Fanleaf Flower, Paisley Leaf 4 (decorated with some Dragonaire), Tami, Shauna (a fun grid pattern I used for the first time last week on my leaves), Antidots, Lanie, and Heartache.

I can't say that the final product is one of my favorites, but the process was fun and I used some new tangles that I expect will appear elsewhere in the future. I especially like Antidots, which remind me of little mussels nesting in a rocky tide pool. Lanie, the other grid pattern, I didn't actually do properly: I ended up improv…