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Diva Challenge 186: Leaves

I love Fall! It's hard to bid goodbye to summer - perhaps even more than usual this year as I think about how much benefit it's been to both me and the older two kids to have them outside whenever the whim takes them. But the colors we get here in Oregon from late August clear through early November make up for it in the end. Usually I enjoy the season primarily through the lens of my camera, but it's fun to give it a try with pen, paper, and a little color!

I'm rarely much for poetry, but I always think of these lines from Elizabeth Barrett Browning this time of year:
 Earth’s crammed with heaven,And every common bush afire with God;But only he who sees, takes off his shoes,The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries
Alone the verse wonderfully captures Autumn, but I read it in context for the first time today and found even more to love. If time permits, take a moment and do so yourself!

Anyway, onto the challenge!

Like the Diva, I found a leaf in my yard to trace fo…

Diva Challenge 185: Phicops and DivaDance

This week's Diva Challenge is to use Phicops and DivaDance alone as a "Duotangle." 
I had to try Phicops the first time I saw it, a couple of months back: I think the 3D aspect is what initially attracted me, and I like the organic feel to it as well. I've also used DivaDance as a filler and decor element pretty much since I started in on this whole Zentangle thing in late spring. So this should have been a piece of cake. The funny thing is that I've had trouble doing Phicops from memory nearly every time. My lines always end up curving the wrong way, connecting the wrong points, and it looks awful. So I had to take quite a bit more care with this set of tiles! I also have never felt like I could get DivaDance to "flow" for lack of a better term: I always felt like those
bumps on the line broke my concentration and ended up sticking out and looking wrong. Someone posted a link to a YouTube video on the tangle, and it make a world of difference: I now ca…

Diva Challenge #184: ING

I'd come across the ING step-out just a day or so before the latest Diva challenge, so I already had it on the mind and was ready to give it a try.
Here's  my first attempt, on a traditional 3.5 inch square playing field

For some reason, it seemed like my ING needed windows. It started out with just a few, but then they grew, and grew. I like it, although once I was done drawing I realized that shading was going to be a real challenge - one in which I'm not sure that I came out on top!  The pattern was so geometric that it seemed reasonable to stick with its lines and flow into florz and - what is it, static? Honestly, the name for the lightning-shaped lines never sticks in my head since it's simple enough not to require a step-out for reference. 
The ING steps are simple enough to memorize and the shape is flexible enough that it then rapidly made an appearance on three Bijou tiles
I like them all for different reasons. On the first how the ING practically disappears …