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Quick n' Dirty Parenting

Ever had one of those days when you feel like, despite your best intents, you're just reacting? Nothing is going according to plan, and the best you can do is hang on for dear life?
"Ha!" you say. "Just a day? What about a week? A month? A whole Summer?"
Yeah, me too.
If you browse Pinterest, you'll know that some mommies present their children with elaborate sensory bins filled with beans, water beads, shaving foam, or gravel and accessorized with carefully themed tools, tiny animals, trucks, or miniature toys all of the same color or (better yet) starting with the same letter.

Other mommies let their children stand at the breakfast bar and play with the remains of a half-melted smoothie, an abandoned glass of water, a couple of goldfish crackers, and a hunk of cheese.  For thematic accessories, spoons and straws are offered, along with gentle, leading statements like "Wow, that looks like fun! Why don't you use a straw instead dumping it down you…

Thoughts on Zentangle

I've always been a doodler. From grade-school to college, it was a rare page margin that went undecorated. At various times my doodles tended towards stick figures, fantastical cave structures, 3-D geometric constructs, but mostly I drew cartooned dragons, animals and people. Church bulletins were judged purely on the amount of blank space available for said doodles, and I dreamed of creating my own comic strip.

Sometime in late spring, I saw an advert for a class at our library for something called "Zentangle." The black-and-white line art immediately drew my attention, but a mother of three little ones does not typically have an abundance of out-of-the-house free time, and the class was out of the question. I do, however, have a fair bit of leisure time after the kids go to bed, and thus "Zen Doodle" went into the search engine a few days later. Thankfully Google was able to quickly correct my mis-remembered term, and my newest obsession was born.

I came at …

Diva Challenge #182: Stripes

By pure chance, I'd turned out a 3 inch tile with a stripe-like string on Sunday before the latest Diva challenge was posted. I was eager to do more, though, so this larger one was my Monday project.

So, that field of vaguely hexagonal flowers in the upper right started out as one of the Barney variations.
I didn't like it. It didn't "go" with the other tangles at all, and it was just annoying me. Finally it hit me that I could turn it into flowers by rounding the corners of each hexagon section, which I promptly spent the next 20 minutes doing. It's hardly perfect (what tangle ever is?!), but I am quite a bit happier with it.
I have it in the back of my head that I've seen some hexagonal flowers before that look a little like this, but a search through is not in the cards for this morning. If anyone happens to know what it is, I'd love to hear it!
The rest of the tangles are:
Bottom left: a single iteration of "Croscro," …

In Defense of a little Benign Neglect

Like so many of us, I've become a bit of a Pinterest addict over the last year or so. And nestled in between all the recipes I'll never make and the projects I'll never crochet are hundreds of pins for things I'll never do with the kids. Homeschool ideas, general crafts and activities, things to do outside: the list is unending. And despite the number of blog posts I've read on exactly the same subject as the one I am currently writing, there's this little part of me that feels terribly guilty about this.
You see, it's been a rough summer. Nothing big - no terrible crises, no health problems, injuries, or deaths in the family - just a 16 month old bundle of mischief named Lucy. Honestly, after two kids just 18 months apart, I thought I'd hit my parenting stride. Not that I had everything figured out, not by a long shot. But having executed a move across town with a 3 year old and an 18 month old, I figured I was getting pretty good at multitasking and m…

Diva Challenge #181: Water

So, early this summer I discovered this thing called Zentangle©
More on that later. 'Cause I have thoughts. Lots of thoughts! But for now, dinner is waiting and I want to post my response to The Diva's water challenge.
This is on a classic 3.5 inch tile. I used a Micron 05, B and 7B pencils, and colored with an Inktense pencil (dry) and a little highlighting from a gelly roll glitter pen.  The tangles are Tropicana, Hairy, and N'Zepple. I had quite a bit of fun working on this one - even if the baby did use my inattention as opportunity to empty out most of the Tupperware drawer!