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Quick n' Dirty Yarn and Twig Stars

I was immediately drawn to these cute summer twig ornaments over at Happy Hooligans. They have all the elements I appreciate in a family craft: lots of ways for the kids to be involved, moderately challenging to me, and the finished product looks good enough to display without immediately apologizing "my kid made it!"
However, I also knew that with my one-year-old running around and a cross-town visit to make, it needed to be even easier if it was going to happen!

Here are the adjustments I made both for streamlining and materials already on hand

1. I ditched the glue gun. Because, you know, I Hate Glue. (And also, the one year old!)
2. I ditched the paint. Because I didn't have time / mental energy to deal with it, and I thought the natural brown of the sticks would suit me just as well. (And also, the one year old! Sensing a theme here?)
3. I substituted some sparkly yarn (Lion Brand "Bon Bons") for the raffia, because it was pretty and on hand.
4. In place o…