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DIY Customizable Game Board

The kids and I have been exploring board games lately.  Our favorite commercial games are "Hiss" (technically a card game, I guess) and "Hoot, Owl, Hoot," which I like to describe as a cooperative, less-annoying Candyland. Then one day I made my very own game on some butcher paper to help drill the letters we were working on.  Of course, we're also working on learning colors, shapes, and numbers... I started to imagine an infinite number of board games to help drill these subjects.  Then I had a epiphany: make a re-usable, customizable board game system using contact paper and dry erase markers!

Here's how I went about it


Butcher Paper (I used this roll from Ikea)Clear contact paperSharpie or other marking pen for permanent linesDry erase markers in various colorsScissors(For a double-sided board): tape and/or glue of your choice

1. Cut a piece of butcher paper to your desired size. My paper was 18 inches wide, and I cut it about 24 inc…