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Ridiculously Simple Alphabet Game

And now for another in the series I call "Dumbing it Down," or "Making it Even Easier"
Browsing Pinterest the other day, I came across a cute little activity called the "Crocodile Game."
I thought "what a great idea! I'll bet both my four year old and my two year old could play!"
But... as simple as it is, it used a container I didn't have, construction paper I didn't have, google eyes I didn't have, and frankly Time I didn't have to put it together.
So, I reminded myself of my new favorite rule of homemade toys:
"A good homemade toy is one that they play with.   A Great homemade toy is one that they play with  longer than it took you to make it!" 

Then I grabbed an empty diaper wipes container - something few families will be without, I expect!, a piece of paper, and a pen.  Oh yeah, and a pair of scissors and some double-sided tape. But seriously, use whatever is on hand.
In something under five minutes, I had not …