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Super Simple Balloon Car

A few days ago, I came across a post from Steve Spangler Science detailing how to build your very own balloon-powered car.

Although my oldest is only four and rather too young for the building part of the project, I knew we had to try this. I was lacking a few of the pieces the project called for, though, and I hated to make a run to the store with my three small children just to pick up a package of wooden skewers.  Suddenly, I had a brainstorm: use one of the kids' Duplo train car bodies as the platform!
It was as easy as it sounded, and both of my older kids had a blast playing with the end product.


BalloonDrinking Straw, preferably with a bend in itRubber BandTapeScissors
As the inspiring blog post suggested, I cut off the rolled neck of the balloon so it would be easier to seal to the straw.  I then slipped the bent end of the straw into the balloon, folded the excess around the straw, and sealed with a small piece of tape.

Finally I laid the straw down t…

Scrapbooking Tip: Loading post-bound albums

Maybe "normal" (that is, paper) scrappers never do this: maybe they faithfully insert each page into their scrapbook as it is finished, and never find themselves wrestling, as I do, with a dozen or more slippery plastic pages that will Not stay put while I try to ram them onto the never-quite-tall-enough post.
Maybe, but I'm guessing not! So today's scrapbooking tip is unique for this blog in that it will apply to just about every scrapper out there. Hope it helps!

Soothie Pacifier Keeper

Third time's the charm, right?  After two babies in a row who had little to no interest in the pacifier, new baby Lucy actually finds them - well - pacifying! It's wonderful!
However, it's no fun chasing them down when she - intentionally or otherwise - spits 'em out and they land on the floor, roll under a chair, and pick up every bit of dust or fluff they come near.
We're using the "Soothie" brand pacies that we got from the hospital, which are all one piece with no handle or large loop through which a traditional clip-on pacifier holder can attach, although they do have two small holes.
A friend mentioned that her daughter used a "WubbaNub:" a small, slightly weighted stuffed animal attached to the pacifier, which helps keep the thing in place on baby's chest, and from falling out and hitting the floor as well. It also makes it much harder to lose!
I have plans to make something in this line - no animals, 'cause those are Work! - but…

Hybrid Crochet & Sewn Butterfly Toy

Today's project is inspired by this cute little butterfly toy from Sew Mama Sew.
But first, a little philosophizing...
How do you decide what to create, and once decided, how do you decide which medium(s) to use? How important is it that you "can't compete with China?" That is, that you will most of the time end up spending more money on what you create than an analogous item purchased from the store, and that's without calculating your time investment?
I've been thinking about this a lot lately and if you're interested you can see some of my processing on the subject here. In summary, however, I've been working on being very intentional about what I create and how, making sure that I'm not wasting money *or* time on something that will be worthless by the time it's complete.

How does all this tie into a post about a quick n' easy baby toy?
Well, when I saw the "Sew Mama Sew" project on Pinterest, I was immediately attracted be…