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Digi-Scrap Tutorial: Hybrid Pages Using Picasa's Collage Tool

As I work through last year's scrapping backlog, I've come across a couple of places where I had a Ton of photos to fit on my page - 10 or 12 or even more.  I could see myself spending Hours not just scouring the web and my magazines for adaptable page maps to scraplift, but also simply doing the photo re-size and placement on the page.
Picasa's Collage tool to the rescue!
If you've played with Picasa to any great extent, you may have come across this fun little toy, hidden away under the "Create" menu.
Here are two sample pages I've created using this tool, followed by a brief run-down on how to create a collage

Pre-Requisites for this Tutorial 1. Working knowledge of  Google Picasa
2. Digital scrapbooking experience in a editor such as Photoshop Elements or Gimp
Creating a Collage in Picasa 1. In Library view, select the photos you wish to include in your collage.
2. From the "Create" menu, chose "Collage."
3. Decide which of the 6…

Pattern Pegs

Another Toddler Toys post for your today.
A few weeks ago, I came across a pin linking me to a fun looking Pound-A-Pattern toy.  The pinner had helpfully noted that this toy consisted essentially of a piece of foam, a toy hammer, and golf tees.  I was inspired!  (Even though my kid is only 3, not the "8 and up with adult supervision" suggested on the product page!)

Here's how I made an equivalent


Plastic Hammer (on hand) Colored wooden golf tees ($5 for 100 on eBay: I expect you could get a smaller package for less at the local sports shop) Two 7x3x3 green floral foam blocks (Dollar Tree, $1/ea) Brownie Pan at least 8x8 to contain the mess (Dollar Tree) Number dot templates (free download from this link; find lots more dot templates linked here)Tools
Laminator (technically optional, but not if you want to reuse your templates!) A very long handled hole punch, or equivalent - I have a punch you use with a mat and a hammerDuct tape Putting it Together I printed o…

Digital Scrapbooking: Asset Management

Managing Your Digi-Scrap Supplies
It's been a very long time since I've blogged about digital scrapbooking, so I hope you will all find this post about managing your scrap supplies helpful!
By the way, if you've read my original series on "How To Digi-Scrap For Free, (Or Very Nearly)," this article should be considered a supplement to Article #3 (see links in left sidebar.)

In this article I will cover how I store scrapping supplies on my hard drive, and then review two programs: Picasa (free), and ACDC (commercial) as potential solutions to the supply management problem
The Problem If you've downloaded a good sized collection of scrapbooking supplies, it probably won't take you long to realize that actually Finding what you need to complete (or even start) a scrapbook page can be a real challenge.  As your collection grows, the problem grows with it.  You Know you've got a great stitched frame that would be Perfect for your page, but where in the w…