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Thankfulness Wreath

For once, this idea didn't come from Pinterest!  I actually found it in a magazine, although whether it was Family Fun or Family Circle I'm not sure just now.

It's as simple as pie:
1. Obtain a wreath form.  The article suggested a Styrofoam one which you would then wrap with fall-themed fabric.  I opted for a straw wreath (about $3 at JoAnn's) which I wrapped in wide brown ribbon and decorated with a few oddments I found in my decorations box.
2. Cut out a bunch of simple leaf shapes from sturdy cardstock in several fall colors.  (I lucked out and found 12x12 sheets on sale for $0.20/ea instead of $0.69!)  Make a virtue of necessity: you're going to want to fold the paper in half when you cut to get a symmetrical shape. This actually gives the finished leaf a nice 3D look!
3. Set them out with some good pens and have everyone at your Thanksgiving gathering fill a few out with something they're thankful for.  Then pin to the wreath with a sturdy quilting pin.…

A "Pin Win:" Magnetic Message Boards and Play Centers

Today I'm featuring a "Pin Win:" an idea found on Pinterest that actually worked just as well as advertised, if not better.
If you've been on Pinterest long, you've probably seen this pin around: a creative mom without a magnetic refrigerator used a large pan intended to catch oil drips under a car as a quick-n-dirty substitute.
Well, we Do have a magnetic refrigerator, but I resist putting much on it at the kids' level because (a) the 3-year-old always manages to hang his artwork in such a way that it falls off when you open the door, and (b) the 2-year-old just pulls off everything she can reach, leaving it all over the kitchen floor.  Also, we needed a Family Information Center, but we're really short on wall space in our main living area.  So, I headed to Wal-Mart and bought two of these in the automotive section.  They were roughly $12 each, and even bigger than anticipated at roughly 4 ft by 2 ft! (By the way, I looked around on Amazon and found n…