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Angry Birds Birthday Games - Toddler Approved!

In my previous post, I detailed how we made Angry Birds Visors as party favors for my son's third birthday.
Here I'll explain two quick and easy games we played that were appropriate for our guests aged 18 months through 5 years.

Angry Birds 3-D! 
An assortment of empty boxes in various sizesCandy or favor filled eggs (or baggies), several per child.  You could use green tissue paper to wrap "piggy packets;" we just used Easter eggs. Tape, for marking the throwing line on the floor. Missiles! We used the angry birds I crocheted, but you could use either purchased Angry plushies, bean bags, or light weight yellow, red, and blue balls.  Optional: a light weight, toy sling-shot, such as is sold by the Dollar Tree in summer time for firing water balloons. 

To Play 

An adult sets up the "scene" by stacking the boxes on top of one another, then placing 3-4 candy filled eggs (the "pigs") in strategic locations throughout. Each child stands…

DIY Angry Birds Visors

This is part one in a two part series on putting together a quick, dirty, toddler-approved Angry Birds themed birthday party.

OK, I admit it: my entire inspiration for James' third birthday party's theme was the red bird I crocheted from a pattern found here. Isn't it cute?  Of course, Yellow Bird, three Blue Birds, and a piggy joined him in good time, and my theme was born.

Anyway, since he's (a) only three, and (b) I'm ridiculously stingy frugal by nature, I didn't want to spend a ton on licensed party-ware and favors.  So some friends and I got together and made these hats for the guests.

(Thanks to Grace and Kenza for modelling for me!)  Here's how to make your own! 
Materials & Tools Red and/or Yellow foam visors Craft foam in Red, Orange, White, and BlackPaper and Sharpie for making templatesScissorsWhite GlueStapler (full sized, with a long arm), Optional
I bought all my materials at Michael's Crafts, and with my 20% of Everything coupon, the c…

The Great Quick-n-Dirty Magnetic Tube Toy

(With apologies to

Let me begin with a little bit of philosophizing.  Some may call it maundering, or whining, but I'll let you decide!
Sometimes I get a bit of a complex when I compare the toys I make for my children and the ones you find on my favorite blogs (or, more likely, Pinterest.)  In fact, I even get a bit of complex when I compare them to the ones I made for my children before they were born.  Because let's face it: most of what I make now days is not exactly pretty.  Or even straight.  :}
For instance, after having conceived and executed the "Buckle Octopus," my Pinterest browsing just happened to lead me to another mommy who'd come up with basically the same thing - only hers was beautiful, with brightly colored ribbons, straight seams, and matching thread(!)  Clearly I am not worthy to have a crafting blog. Or probably even children!
When I start to get all hard on myself, though, I am trying to remind myself of my developing p…