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Little Green Monster (Crochet)

I have a new nephew on the way, due to arrive sometime in the next couple of weeks, or (his mother dearly hopes) even sooner!
His father, my brother Michael, is an artist and musician who is currently making a lot of what I'll call - to coin a phrase - "benign monster art."  (Check that link for samples.)  Cute, fuzzy little guys in bright colors, many with an interesting story to coordinate.
So when I saw these booties from Stella & Henry, I knew I needed to make something similar for the baby-to-be. (I used this pattern from Crochet Dreamz, and improvised teeth, eye, and horns.)
But then I started thinking that a little monster rattle really needed to be part of the set.  Not feeling like following another pattern, I improvised my own.

1 ball (more like 1/2 a ball) of light / sportweight yarn.  I used moss-green "Sheepish" brand.Optional: small amount of contrasting color in *exactly the same weight* as monster's body for his mouth.  I just …

Easy DIY Peg-Board

Easy DIY Peg-Board for your Toddler

I've seen several versions of the Peg-Board Toy out there in the blogosphere.  These fun, creativity- and geometry-inspiring toys consist at the base level of a board containing pegs mounted in a regular grid pattern.  The lucky toddler uses string, yarn, rubber bands, or whatever is handy to make pictures and shapes on the board.
However, most versions of the toy I saw involved starting with a bare piece of wood, doing a lot of measuring and marking, and then hammering or screwing in hardware.  Mine does not!  In fact, if you are OK with a double-sized board, you don't even need a saw!

March 2014 Update: See what I changed a year later

Here's the parts list 
1. A piece of pegboard from the home improvement store.  I found it with the lumber at Home Depot.  It only came in one size - roughly 24 x 48 inches - and cost about $7.50
2. Wooden dowel pegs, 1/4 inch diameter.  These were also at the hardware store, but I had to ask where as they …