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Gimp vs. Photoshop Elements 8

2/18/13 Update: Why I'm using PSE more and more It's been another year.  I still have both PSE 8 and Gimp installed.  That isn't going to change.  But here is a brief update to this article based on another year's experience with the programs.

PSE 8: Stuff I Love
1. Layer Grouping.
Love, love, love it.  I use it All the time, even when building my own pages vs. using someone else's published maps.  For those unfamiliar with the concept, here's what you do.
a. Create a shape on a new layer.  Complicated, simple, doesn't matter. Fill it with a solid color.
b. Drag over a piece of scrapping paper as a new layer over the top of your shape.
c. With the paper layer selected, hit "Cntrl-G."
Voila: Your paper is automatically clipped to the exact shape and size of the shape you made below.
Better yet: if you edit the "master" layer (you need to set visibility of your paper layer to off first), you can easily change size and shape. (Contrast Gi…