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Simple Christmas Candle Holders

Tonight we are making striped Christmas candle holders. Actually, the "Christmas" part is optional: choose different paint colors and you'll have something you can use all year round.
Extra bonus: this project is simple enough to share with an elementary school aged child!
Here's our finished product - and seriously, it looks Much nicer in real life, especially when lit in a dark room.
Materials: * 2-3 bottles of Plaid brand Gallery Glass paint in colors of your choice. (Or other brands if you can get your hands on 'em!) * Plain votive candle holders with flat (not faceted) sides. Your choice of "shot glass" or "brandy snifter" shaped. * Wax paper to protect your table surface * Sharp craft knife.

I purchased all my supplies at either Joann's or Michael's, although the glass paint has gone a little out of style recently and may not be widely available. It should run less than $3/tube. The candle holders should be between $0…