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Tutorial: Using Photoshop Templates in Gimp

The phrase of the day is "Quick and Dirty!"
When I was new to digital scrapbooking, I got excited about using pre-made layered templates as shortcuts for my layouts. But I quickly found that the end product didn't live up to the billing in Gimp: it actually took me Longer to lay out my photos using the template than would have otherwise.
The problem is that the instructions for Photoshop would say something like "Drag your photos onto the layout and create a layer clipping map..." Whoops, start over! You can't drag photos from canvas to canvas in Gimp, nor is there a "clipping map" equivalent. I tried using guides, painstakingly lined up by hand, but it just added to the time factor. So I gave up and went back to eye-balling for the most part. Since those early days, I've learned several techniques that make it possible to actually save time using a template. So I'm using some of the time I saved on my niece's vacation book to share …

Scraping Pet Peeves

I'm out of photos to scrap, no ideas are flowing for new paper kits, and I'm not in the mood for writing tutorials. So what's left to do? Complain, of course! "Complaining" may not be precisely the right term: I'm actually going to just rant about a set of pet peeves on what passes for "cool" in scrapbooking just now. Because, of course, I am the expert! I've been at least dabbling in scrapbooking since the late 90's. I've seen the fashions evolve from photos simply matted on bright solids slapped on a white page with a cute border made from Mrs. Grossman stickers to the current trends of distressed kraft paper with layers of ripped whatever, yards of string or lace, paint spatters, chipboard letters, hand-stitching, badges, bling, "found" embellishments, and, oh yeah, I almost forgot, a little photo shoved up in the corner where it won't be in the way. And for the most part, I've followed along faithfully. Oh, I&…