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Digi-Scrap For Free with my new kit

My second digi-scrap kit is ready for download.
"Nora's Outfit" comes with 6 papers, 3 ribbons, a curly-brace, and a journal block. Small, but sweet - and free! You can download it here

Digi-Scrapping for Free: Recoloring Elements

Here's another one of my favorite things about digi-scrap vs. paper-scrap: never again will you find yourself in with the dilemma of having Just the right paper or element but in the Completely wrong color! Why? Because - within reason - you can Change the color of most anything to match the colors in your photos, your layout, or whatever else you choose!

I will show you three techniques for re-coloring elements, beginning with the simplest case and moving on from there. As a review, you'll need Gimp installed and running, and if you're a newbie to digital editors, you should go through my earlier tutorials first as I assume familiarity with several tools.
I am recoloring elements from the Oopsie Daisy collection downloaded from (for free, of course!)
We'll be using the following tools and techniques: 1) The Colorize command 2) The Scissors Select tool 3) The Circle Select tool 4) The Select-By-Color tool

Let's talk about the limitati…