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Digi-Scrapping for Free: Four Easy Frames

Hello all, here is another entry in my "How To Digi-Scrap For Free" series.

I don't know about you, but back in the "bad old days" when I was scrapping with paper and scissors, adding mattes to my photos was my least favorite part of the craft. It was tedious, tricky, and consumed large amounts of paper. You'll be happy to know that it can be very simple in Gimp, and doesn't consume any more paper than the rest of the hobby! :) In this tutorial we will demonstrate four different options for framing or matting your photos.
Quick Review: In Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of this series we covered the basics of Picasa, photo organization, workflow, and where to score free digi-scrap supplies. In Part 4 we (finally) created a very basic scrapbook page using Gimp. In Part 5 we looked at several options for more interesting titles in Gimp.
For this tutorial you will need (at minimum) * Gimp, downloaded and installed * A piece of digital patterned pape…

Digi-Scrapping for Free: Creating Titles in Gimp

Hello all, we're back for another tutorial in the "How to Digi-Scrap for Free" series.
In the previous installment, we created our very first scrapbook page. It wasn't bad, but the title was - well - boring. Just black text with a little drop shadow. Not very impressive. In this tutorial we will cover three options for making a more interesting title.
For all three methods I tend to open a brand new image file of the approximate dimensions I need for my title and work there rather than add a dozen new layers to my page layout. It's just easier to see and deal with. I then copy all layers of the finished title and paste as a single layer into the scrapbook page. * A shortcut for finding the approximate size of your title is to use the rectangle select tool on your scrapbook page to draw a box around the location you'll be placing the title. The dimensions of your box will appear in the lower left of your page window. Add a little to these numbers…

My Very First Page Kit

Sorry, no new tutorials today: it'll be a while before I am (a) caught up on my own scrapbooking, which I dare not let get too far behind, and (b) have some mental energy left over from kids, cleaning, and life in general.
Instead, I have for you a page kit - my very first - for your scrapbooking pleasure. It's not a huge one - plenty of papers, but only a small hand-full of elements. Honestly, I don't have the skills for complicated element creation from scratch and I want to make sure everything I use as a building block is licensed properly. So for now we're looking at squares, stars, flowers, and a few scallops! In any case, please enjoy Blue Skies for free.
Download Papers Elements
Here's a sample page, too. Grace's outfit may give you a clue as to the inspiration of this kit! :)