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How To Digi-Scrap for Free (or very nearly): Part 1

Approximately one year ago, I purchased a beautiful new laptop on a Black Friday sale. Since that time I have become immersed in the world of digital scrapbooking. My paper supplies have all but mouldered in the garage while I've digi-scrapped literally hundreds of pages of my son's first year, my niece, our courtship, and our family life. I've printed more than a hundred pages at 12x12 while keeping my monetary investment to about $1.25/page, including S&H and the plastic page protector. I've purchased no paper, no glue, and no shnazzy little metal brads that you just Know you're going to use but immediately get lost in the bottom of the bag. Perhaps more surprisingly I've also purchased no software, digital paper, elements, or fonts. All I've done is filled up my hard-drive!
Sample digi-scrap page. Kit used from Suzanne C. Walker-
This a multi-part series covering software and organizational techniques as well a…