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Family Flash Cards for Toddlers

Wow, I see from my last posting date that it's been eons since I had a free brain-cell or two to do any crafts (scrapbooking aside), let alone tutorials. But fear not: today's entry is a very simple little project that makes my toddler happy.

My son has a whole boatload of cousins, uncles, aunts, plus grand and great-grandparents who live in Florida or Texas, and I want him to at least see their faces from time to time so we don't forget they exist. So, I made him a set of "flash cards" of both his local and cross-country family members. It's clipped to his diaper bag or other handy location so he can play with it anywhere.


Photos of baby's favorite people, labeled and printed at 3x4 inches1 pack of vinyl badge holders, vertical orientation, size 3x4 inches. *8 or so inches of 1/4 inch wide ribbonSmall carbiner clip or plastic link from the toy box
* I bought GBC brand badge holders from Office Max, 12 for $5. I see on their website they have…