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Sippy Cup Leash

Last night at the restaurant I witnessed a small child using an absolutely ingenious device: a little leash that connected his sippy cup to his highchair. As it happened, just days before my little one dropped our favorite cup (the one with his name on it and everything) on the floor one too many times and a handle snapped off. Very sad. I'll glue it (eventually), but it's not going to be able to take too many more encounters with the solid surfaces.
I could have purchased one online, but since I had nothing better to do (HAH!), I decided to make a couple instead. I used materials I had on hand so each was a little different. They're easy as pie, so I'll just toss in a couple of pics and that'll be all you need.

Here's James using his new sippy leash. Isn't he cute? It hangs down far enough he could reach it when crawling around on the floor too, which he also enjoyed.

One cautionary note: You're doing a balancing act here between allowing enough…