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"Bob" Clip-On Bag Holder

I guess I've been a little obsessed with cute but functional containers lately. This "Bob the Tomato" bag dispenser was inspired by this post on "Instructables," but I don't know (or much care) who "Domo Kun" is, so I decided to go with my old favorite Veggie Tales character instead.

I ended up making two versions of this bag holder: the first, made from 4 inch circles, was too small for my shopping bag and didn't look much like Bob when stuffed. (But, I can still use it for my non-rolled diaper bags - see Diaper Disposal Bag Dispenser tutorial from a couple weeks back.) The instructions and pictures are from the larger version, made from 5 inch circles, but if you're careful you can make a smaller version that fits a bit better on a key chain.


* Scrap of red fleece, at least 5x10 inches. Felt would work if it needed to, but wouldn't be as strong.
* Scraps of white, green, and black felt or fleece
* Embroidery threa…