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"Stained Glass" stick-ons for windows, mirrors, and more

If you've wandered through your local craft store lately, you may have come across an aisle full of window paint. And, you may have wondered, "Does that stuff really work?" "Is it just for kids?" "Can I do something I wouldn't mind displaying in my house, without breaking the bank?" The answer to these questions is "Yes", "no," and "yes." :)
The finished product can look quite elegant, and will last for years. And actually, I wouldn't let very young kids anywhere near it: terribly messy! :)

This isn't a traditional tutorial today, because the concept is mostly self-explanatory. What it is is a compilation of tips and tricks for getting the best, cheapest results from window paint.

The basic idea of this stuff is that you use "faux leading" to outline your desired image "stained glass" style either directly on a window, or on a piece of plastic. Then you fill in the design with…

Dispenser for Diaper Disposal Bags

So, you've got this nasty used disposable diaper (or, who knows, even a cloth one!) and you're in the car and you've got to get this thing packaged in some scent-proof manner before you and the rest of your passengers gag. Obviously someone else has had this problem, because any baby store or aisle will happily sell you a roll of 25 powder scented bags specifically designed for this problem for about $3. They'll also sell you a funky duck-shaped dispenser that looks to me like it would always be at the bottom of my diaper bag.
I thought it would be more useful to have a fabric cover that clipped on the outside of the bag, so I figured out one.

Here's what we're making:


* Roll of diaper disposal bags for verifying size
* Fabric square, about 7 x 7 inches. (Note mine is bigger than it needs to be)
* Scrap of elastic (optional: you could use ribbon or thread)
* Ribbon or cord for making the clip loop and tying shut the top of the bag
* clip of…

Very "quick n' dirty" tutorial for "Pee Pee TeePee"

I am seriously embarrassed that more than three years after its premier, this remains my most popular blog entry of all time.  Why?!  Is there a deep, unmet need out there for such a product?  Is it all the spam comments the post collected up front?  Or is it merely that it triggers the "potty humor" reflex in nearly every one who sees it?  I suppose we'll never know, but I've seriously considered deleting it.  Several times.  Because let's be honest, it doesn't really work.  I checked the original publish date: it was just under a month *before my son was born!* That's right folks: I Didn't Have a Clue!
In real life I tried to use these little gems three or four times.  And they kept falling off.  And he never really had much tendency to sprinkle in the first place. And even if he had, it would have been Much easier to use a wash-rag, which is big enough to shield the entire area, won't fall off when you lift his legs to wipe his butt, a…