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Changing Pad

From Annette's Crafts

We're having a baby boom in my family: I have three to sew for all coming between May and June. This changing pad is for my niece-to-be. The bonus here is that the pad features a "pillow pocket" that may be stuffed with spare diapers. Carrying case and comfort feature all in one! It's also big enough to be used as a lap pad or floor pad for a small baby.

* 1 piece of flannel 18 x 36 inches long
* 1 piece of solid colored flannel 18 x 45 inches long: this is the one that forms the pillow, so it needs to not have a right and wrong side, unless you want to sew on another 9 x 18 inch panel.
(You need roughly 1/2 a yard each, assuming the flannel is 45 inches wide.)
* A piece of batting 18 x 36 inches, and/or better a piece of water resistant, washable fabric to sandwich in.
* Your choice of blanket binding or narrower bias tape, at least 3 yards
* Thread to match
* Optional: Snap or velcro for fastening the finished pad shut.